A Scotland Whisky tour, the must do activity when you visit Scotland!

scotland whisky tour


Scotland has a rich and fascinating history in producing the water of life. Join us and take a trip through the lesser known areas of Scotland where Whisky making has been perfected.

Taste world famous whiskies directly from their source and even try exclusive and rare drams only available from the distilleries.

Known as Scotch in the western world or Whiskey in Ireland and elsewhere, we call it ‘Whisky’ in Scotland.

As most visitors realise when they come to Scotland, we drive on the left side of the road. Combined with a drink driving limit that is four times stricter than most of the United States, the safest and most enjoyable way to Whisky Tour Scotland is to use a specialist operator such as Whiskywheels.

On your Scotland Whisky tour, you will hear from the local experts who have had whisky making in their families for generations. The knowledge and insight you will gain from visiting, taking in your surroundings and speaking with the local people who work at the distilleries, can be a once in a lifetime experience. Not to be missed.

Some of our customers have a favourite whisky and are eager to learn more about where their top tipple has been produced all these years, some people have a special connection to a distillery or a memorable occasion or a relative or descendent of Scotland that lived near to a distillery. Whatever the reason for your visit, we aim to provide a first-class experience and hope you leave Scotland completely satisfied with your experience and grateful took part in with Whiskywheels.


To find out more about our national drink, why not book one of our daily tours or customise your own Whisky Tour of Scotland?

Scotland has five whisky regions and we can visit all five, a combination of a few or just one if you are limited for time:

– Speyside

– Islay

– Highland

– Lowland

– Campbeltown

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The Scotland whisky trips we offer are for groups of all sizes and also solo travellers. We can take you to the most popular spots or to the more remote and picturesque areas of the country.

We offer whisky tours to all parts of Scotland. As a nationwide company, we can create various customisable itineraries for the whole country with flexible pickup points. We’re based in the central belt, our standard daily experiences run from the city centre. Half day, full-day and multi-day experiences are all popular. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time while in Scotland.


You can expect the following on your trip, but not limited to: visit the best distilleries in the world, take part in a full distillery tour, have a tutored tasting at a distillery or pub, stop at sightseeing locations, visit ancient castles and landmarks, guide lead walking tours and stops at museums and other attractions.

With pride and quality, our drivers and guides all have one important thing in common – a passion for Scotland. All our guides are local residents with knowledge you won’t find in a guidebook. You will be driven safely and professionally to your destinations while on your tour.

The vehicles we use are well maintained saloons, mini-vans and small buses. All clean, comfortable and reliable for your Scotland Whisky Tour.

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We hope you enjoy your Scotland Whisky Tour!



We provide bespoke whisky tours in Scotland.