Glenlivet Distillery Tour


Glenlivet Distillery Tour


The Glenlivet distillery tour is a fantastic stop for our customers on our Speyside tours. Glenlivet is the world’s biggest producer of Single Malt Whisky. In a good year, there is over 15 million litres produced. It’s quite a feat of production, especially when you visit and realise how remote and unforgiving the landscape and weather can be for a multinational whisky producer. 

One of the first stops we make in our tours of the Speyside Region, the Glenlivet Distillery Tour is thorough, enlightening and good fun. The rooms and areas used for tastings are top notch, this is a trend we’ve noticed with Pernod Ricard owned distilleries.

As you enter into the depths of Speyside countryside, you will notice how well hidden this distillery is. Back when tax collectors arrived by other means of transport, it wouldn’t have been an easy trip to try and catch the Glenlivet Distillery spirit being produced! This isn’t much of an issue these days on the Glenlivet distillery tour. 

“The Glenlivet” Distillery was the first licensed distillery in the Glenlivet area. Before whisky making was legal in Scotland, there were around 200 illegal stills around this area and the name “Glenlivet” was used by many other distilleries who were in direct competition with Glenlivet.

Glenlivet’s owner, John Smith, son of the founder, realised the importance of brands and marketing, this led to legal action to reserve use of the title “The Glenlivet” in 1884. 


The remote and isolated Livet valley made Glenlivet ideal for illicit distillation. George Smith operated in a way that kept the production a secret from the government. Hidden away from the Customs Officers and soldiers amongst the hills and abundant springs, the spirit was distilled slowly, producing a whisky that would quickly become world famous. In August 1822, King George IV visited Scotland and asked to try a dram of the infamous Glenlivet whisky. Even though it was an illegal dram, that didn’t stop the King.

After you have finished your Glenlivet Distillery Tour, you can spend time in the superb visitor centre. There is a lovely café, a well-stocked distillery shop and areas for tasting some of the older and rarer malts from Glenlivet and their brand partners.

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We offer the standard Glenlivet Distillery Tour as part of our Whisky Trifecta tour, our Speyside Delight Tour and our Speyside Tasting Tour.

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